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How Does One Find Writing Bareback? With a Filthy Mind

When you’ve ascended to receiving hundreds to singles of readers a day (routinely!), and when your material is as diverse as mine and the T-Bone’s, you start wondering what kind of sweet saccharin is attracting these flies. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to go too far for the answers. As you can tell by our non-vanity URL, we’re humbly hosted on WordPress.com. Amongst other things, WordPress show us the search terms that filth like you type into their Googles, Bings and Excites to find Writing Bareback.

There have been some gems in our first 13 months of blogging. “Kobe Bryant” remains the top search term by guiding 966 souls to the blog, and he’ll stay there considering Kobe’s promise to re-release excerpts of his private journal once the Lakers are at a .500 record. But forget popular, here’s a smattering of my favorite searches: “hannah storm facelift” “great quotes from great thinkers” “grown man shoes” “clit lit” “the strongest ninja turtle” “how long has james harden been growing his beard” “www.prounc.m” “converse one star bathing suits” “arpf duke” “emma stone lookalike” “ironic mustache” “best pet for single guy” “if you sprinkle when you tinkle sign” “bareback guys” “bareback girls” “bareback etiquette” “beard and buddy bareback” “don’t mess with kansas either” “ku homophobia towards k-state” “hannah storm black guys”.

Then last night, I get a text from Tommy that says “best search term ive ever seen” followed by this pic.google search

My first impression was a pretty visceral image that made me feel violated. Then I realized that “dusty” was probably an adjective to describe summer, and my disgust turned to wonder. What a super specific search term this guy/girl/gender confused person was using. And what could it have been about our blog that drew this being in rather than seeking out its intended destination? So I searched it, and sure enough, we’re search returns 3 and 4. ACTUAL google search

As you can see by the search, it is in fact Tommy’s fault as much as my own for making this site so ambiguously gay. Maybe we didn’t realize that “bareback” was a prominent term in the gay community when we titled this blog. Maybe we did. But compiling a list of “Cruisin Tunes” on a blog with “Bareback” in the title was deviously misleading. I’d like to apologize to all the gay men who have been disappointed upon clicking into this blog. Our bad. Maybe we’re suppressing something.

To all the people that keep on searching for “hannah storm black guys,” you really need to expand your erotic palette.

To all the people who search for “great quotes from great thinkers,” we’ll see you where the mind meets enlightenment.

From one of your 400 favorite blogs,