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Hidden Hotties: Marriage Material

This girl was found at Mens-Weding-Rings.com of all places. There’s a few simple point to make about her worth and we’ll leave it alone.

  1. How is this a functioning website with decent traffic when mensweddingrings.com is an unoccupied URL?…. “My web guy says that there’s no sense in paying a few hundred extra when we can just put hyphens into the name and get it for $17 per year. And he’s the same guy who advises The-Knot.com and Davids-Bridal.com, so he knows his stuff.”
  2. Am I wrong in thinking this site should be marketing to women instead of men? I know if I went diamond shopping for my girl and it showed some sap feeding grapes to a bejeweled fiance, I would not be nearly as enticed as I would by this ad campaign from Family Guy. I’m just saying.
  3. I know we’ve only got a partial view of this hottie (most of her is, yep, hidden), but she definitely has a bit of that Emma Stone quality about her. Nice find from Thomas Cooksey, a man with an eye for talent.

Ok, so it turns out I only had zero points to make about her worth. I feel like eating some grapes now.