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Dr Tom’s Music Remedy – The Lumineers

Remember in college when your professor would assign a 12 page paper. So you’d go to your dorm, sit at your desktop computer (because let’s be honest, no one bought a laptop for school until circa 2008) and wrote down a killer title. Then you’d go to the gym. Then you’d get dinner. Then you’d go out and drink. Then you’d forget about your paper until the night before. It was at that very moment that you had the worst case of “Writer’s Cramp” you’ve ever had. I’m hear to tell you that this still happens as a grown man writing about stuff you actually enjoy writing about. So I apologize for the delay in new songs, but I was cramping (using that terms loosely).

So, The Lumineers. If you drink more than one PBR Tall Boy and/or smoke American Spirits on a typical Saturday night then you probably already know about these guys (and a gal). Why? Because they absolutely blew up at South by Southwest (SXSW for those who prefer acronyms). Err…I mean, so someone told me they did. I didn’t read about it on Twitter…and…umm…I’m not a hipster. Stop judging me. I just like skinny jeans, plaid shirts, vinyls and listening to indie music no one else has heard of.

I don’t know ALL that much about The Lumineers, besides the fact that they’re a 3 piece from Denver, CO that write simple, melodic tunes with heartfelt and ridiculously catchy lyrics. It’s pure Americana indie folk music, that you could listen to with your Grandfather on the front porch, looking over the field you planted that day drinking some sweet tea. It’s also not a shabby tune to share with a lady friend. Besides, one the singers looks amazingly like Woody Harrelson.

Their debut album drops April 3rd (next Tuesday if you’re wondering). Get it. If that wasn’t enough, they’re on tour right now too – click there for the tour date where you are (http://thelumineers.com/tour-dates/). The ticket is $8. That’s EIGHT DOLLARS. The price of a meal at Chipotle, a Mossimo shirt from target or 4 cans of PBR. Go out, support good music and keep this band around! I’ll be at the show in NC for sure.

So without further ado, here is The Lumineers and their debut song “Ho Hey.” Do yourself a favor, take the chorus of this song and tell it to your lady “I belong with you, you belong with me. You’re my sweetheart.”

Are you gonna finish that PBR?