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The 25 Days of Christmas…Music – Day(s) 6-10

Over the next 25 days we’ll be sharing classic holiday songs, modern holiday songs, classic holiday songs sang by modern groups/singers and some songs that just sound like holiday songs because they use sleigh bells and sing like Bing Crosby. I hope you’ll enjoy as we haphazardly choose (I realize that’s ironic) some holiday tunes for you.

…and we’re back. While I’ve been completely failing at blogging over the last 4 days, I’ve been very successful at living. So, there’s that. I’d also like to apologize for forcing you to listen the Adam Sandler sing in his weird baby voice for 4 straight days. Today, I’ll leave off all (or as much as I can) of my (pointless) commentary and just serve up 5 holiday (music) treats.

Day 6: First there was The Format – Holly Jolly Christmas… You’ll recognize the weird long-haired hippie in the orange shirt as pre-Fun. lead man Nate Ruess.

Day 7: Then there was Fun. and they discovered a synthesizer. – Sleigh Ride

Day 8: After that there was Seth Cohen reminding us that he was hipster, before there were hipsters; and I’m bringing him back to remind us that at some point we all tried to convince ourselves that The OC wasn’t a soap opera and that they were actually good actors.  Long live Chrismukkah. Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Day 9:  Following up Rooney, let’s keep it really indie and festive with The Shins doing their best Paul McCartney impression (and I’d like to add they do an awesome job with this one) with the 1979 original Wonderful Christmastime.

Day 10:  Finally, the ever talented actress, singer (and future Mrs. Cooksey), Zooey Deschanel sings my least favorite holiday song and almost makes me enjoy it. In Baby, It’s Cold Outside she reverses the roles and she’s the one convincing the guy to stay. If she ever asked me to do a duet with her in this song, it would be about about an 18 second song and would go something like this:

Me:  “I really can’t stay”

Mrs Cooksey (Zooey):  “But, baby it’s cold outside”

Me:  “OK. You win. Let’s keep drinking and make some bad decisions”


Me:  “I really should stay”

Zooey:  “It’s not that bad, creeper. I’ll walk you out”

And on that note, She & Him, Baby It’s Cold Outside