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How Could I Not Write About This?

The answer is obvious really.  Spontaneous implosion of my domepiece via nostalgic blitzkrieg of fantabuliciousness.  It’s a real thing.

Bible, I posted a draft of this picture on the back end of our blog about a week ago, but every time I looked at it, finding a sane write-worthy topic behind my emotional reactions to the photo felt like trying to keep my eyes on a single fan blade when it’s turned to high (for those wondering (and I know you’re out there), the phrase “Bible” is used as a one-word replacement for phrases like (but not limited to): hand to God, I swear to God, I’m not gonna lie to you, gun to my head, stick a needle in my eye, etc.).  So instead of coming up with some idea worth talking about, I’m just going to say the only thing this picture can make anyone say.

I had no idea that Larry Bird ever jumped that high in his life.

Deciding it’s levitation from The Basketball Jesus,