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This just feels good. I think you’ll agree


Sometimes I come across a song or a group that I can’t help but move to; whether I’m in my car, in my room or at my desk in the office (I got a weird look from a co-worker because of my desk drumming and head bobbing while writing this).

Thanks to my brother, I was introduced to The 1975 who are an indie/synth/pop band from our funny talking relatives across the pond. From song 1-16 this album has a vibe that will keep you non-stop grooving (is that still a thing?) with your girl/guy for your whole “dinner night in.” Yes, you should still DATE your significant other.

Here’s “The City by The 1975, and here are the lyrics….since they’re British and I had to look them up to understand what they were actually singing about.

Fall is in the air. Love is in the air. It’s time put away the lack of clothes and lack of inhibitions from the summer and curl up next to someone you really like.

Yes, I was an Emo-Kid in high school,

Tommy “not sorry I’m a lover” Cooksey