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“Where I’ve Been Online” Wednesday, 2/20/13 – Being Uncool

In a triple-threat effort to entertain, self-aggrandize and be less creative, I’m going to start sharing where I’ve been on the Internet every Wednesday. Because of the alliterative sweetness of double W’s, I’m fairly confident this will be a big hit. Here’s where I’ve been this week:

OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building, espn.com – Every time I read one of these pieces that gets close to Michael the man instead of the player, I find myself split between jealousy of his natural-born ambition and relief that I don’t have it. His ambition was fostered as competitiveness and is now loathed as restlessness, but it’s the defining answer to “Who is Michael Jordan?” He’s a man who couldn’t handle losing. And for all of us stuck on our long journeys to the middle, his refusal to join our mindset that “good is okay” even in a league of elites like the NBA is illogically splendid.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series, 1channel.ch – Being a nerd is like being into pornography. People don’t really give you a hard time as long as you keep it behind closed doors. Confession: I’m a huge nerd (which is only a little different than being the kind of “uncool” that Lester Bangs talks about), and when you live with other men, it’s not cool to jam up the shared DVR with the DC Nation animation block on Cartoon Network. So instead, I’ve been enjoying Hal Jordan and Kilowog on this pirate-streaming site that is probably giving me way more viruses than porn ever would.

Panopticon, Wikipedia.org – I read the word “panopticon” in a description of the lonely limousine that whisks bachelorettes away from their chance of winning love (read: 3-6 month doomed engagement) on reality TV. It was a first for me, so I googled it and found myself traveling from word to architectural musing to literary metaphor to social theory. A panopticon is an improsenment where the prisoner can never tell whther he or she is being watched. I’m pretty sure parents have pulled “God is watching” or “Santa is watching” for centuries, and it’s a pretty effective means of instilling discipline. FYI, your work is probably monitoring your internet history.

@kuboobs, Twitter.com – University of Kansas has pretty much dominated social media this year. We’ve already covered that this university has the coolest sports team of the year, and they’ve re-proven that with their Harlem Shake video. And while I have to give @clubtrillion credit for first bringing @kuboobs to my attention, hearing Jeff Withey call it out as Travis Releford’s favorite person to follow on Twitter during College Gameday this week had me scoping out the gallery of juggs like a hawk. A hawk for juggs. A Jugghawk.

Reader Submission of the Week

[via gchat]

Patrick: http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2013/02/15/watch-insane-dashboard-footage-of-the-russian-meteor-strike/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=share%2Bbutton&utm_content=Watch%3A%20Incredible%20dashboard%20footage%20of%20the%20Russian%20meteor%20strike&utm_campaign=social%2Bmedia
Dusty: that’s crazy
Patrick: transformers are back for real
Dusty: robots in disguise

Nice week for the Internet really. Have a good Wednesday.

Green Lantern 2 will be better,

The Best Reason to be a 2013 KU Jayhawks Fan

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a GIF say? This particular GIF is saying that the 2013 Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team might be the coolest team in sports right now. Watch it at least a dozen times and then read on:

So much to like here. Almost everything about this celebration is perfect, and it shows that the Kansas Jayhawks know exactly who they are this season. If I was a non-Kansas fan, I’d be very scared of this group. But let’s just break down the main players.

Ben McLemore – It’s always a good dynamic when the main man on the court is also the main man in the locker room. This GIF might have just granted #23 alpha dog status over the entirity of college basketball.

Jeff Withey – #5 (ie, the big white guy) in the background. It looks like he got a really bad butthole itch right when the dancing broke out. Some guys play angry, but Withey plays annoyed, swatting balls like flies.

Rio Adams – You always hope that role players will know their role. #2 knows his role. He comes in hot from the left side of the screen throwing alternating points with exuberance and precision. And if there were any doubts about him trying to steal the scene in this GIF, Adams dashes the thought by being “blown away” by McLemore’s finishing moves.

Elijah Johnson – I like him. #15’s been a good guy for us. Unlike Withey (of the itchy butthole), EJ jumps up immediately, eager to be part of the game. You can tell he’s got talent, but he’s overshadowed by McLemore, and he dances a little too long. Unlike Rio, he does not know his role. His dance moves are difficult to interpret. But like Coach Eric Taylor said, “Character’s in the trying.”

Kevin Young – He does nothing but smile on the right side of the screen. With his 70s-esque afro, you’d have expected him to be the first one up dancing. But no. Kevin Young is not dancing. Kevin young is enigmatic.

Travis Releford – Completely pulling off the “only shirtless guy in the locker room” look. He can’t wait to go into a finished-dip stance while throwing Russian leg kicks. He’s doing what other guys won’t. That’s a glue guy.

Mystery White Guy – Yep, this is a team right down to the last guy on the bench. Sure, MWG sports hip slaps and hand claps as his signature dance moves. And sure, no unremoved warmup can hide a white man’s overbite, but MWG is there, and because he is, all the other players shine a little brighter.

It’s going to be a fun season, and if you’re tired of rooting for guys that are this exciting, then jump on board the KU bandwagon. How do you not like a team with all the parts? Superstar. Shirtless glue guy. Guy straddling line between underacheiving talent and high character. Itchy buttholes. MWG. An enigma. A role player actually numbered #2. Together they are, unquestionably, THE COOLEST TEAM IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL.