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Man Up – DO NOT dress like Michael Jordan…oh and Happy Birthday MJ!

Michael Jordan did many things great. Dominated the NBA. Dominated the Olypmics. Dominated the Monstars. Posted respectable numbers in baseball (have you ever tried hitting an 80 mph curve right after seeing a 96 mph heater?). Commandeered the most sought after shoe line ever. And with ESPN and everyone else wishing today was an MJ Bday Holiday, he even turns 50 better than anyone else. Happy Birthday MJ.

People have said MJ is the greatest competitor of all time which was seen in his play on the hardwood, golf course, playing poker, tying his shoes faster, etc etc etc. But one thing that the G.O.A.T. has yet to figure out is how to dress himself like a multi-millionaire, respectable adult male. If he took his competitive nature to dressing we might see him looking classic like D-Wade or Kobe Bean Bryant.

Unless MJ is competing to be the worst dressed athlete on the planet, he is failing miserably at the style game.

So, Happy Birthday MJ, and use some of that birthday cash to do the following: Step 1: Buy a book of matches.

Step 2: Burn all of your current wardobe

Step 3: Hire a personal stylist

Step 4: Let them buy everything for you. Don’t get involved…at all!

Thanks to http://wtfismikewearing.tumblr.com/ for the images. Check out their site for dozens more!