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Worth a Visit? McDonald’s, specifically for the Filet-O-Fish Sandwich.


I’d never tried the Filet-O-Fish. I just didn’t come from that school of dietary thought. But after positive reviews from my Facebook glide (flying high on Filet-O-Fish. Seriously, a bunch of flying fishes are called a glide), I knew I had to be one of the grouper. As is sometimes my duty, I will answer your burning questions about the Filet-O-Fish Sandwich. Most importantly, does it make McDonald’s, worth a visit?

are you into fish as a consumable?

Sure you are. And why not? There are lots of reasons to eat fish. It’s considered healthier than land meat. It’s full of Omega 3s, which are supposed to be good even if you don’t actually know that much about the dietary value of fish. Maybe you’ve given up “meat” for the liturgical practice of Lent to secure passage into the afterlife, which sounds bulletproof. Maybe you’re against the way the fast-food industrial complex treats animals but you’re still into convenience and a fish is more like an alien anyway. Maybe you just enjoy the the mouthfeel of a flaky Alaskan Pollock crumbling so gently that you can chew it with your tongue.

In any of the cases, YOU SHOULD VISIT McDonald’s for a Filet-O-Fish Sandwich.

But maybe you’re not into fish. I mean, pollution is a real problem and a lot of that ends up in the water, and I’m sure McDonald’s is getting a fresh catch from the open seas. Are Alaskan Pollock from the open seas? Look, you don’t know that much about fish, we’ve covered that, but they’re kind of icky, and you’re not into them as a consumable.

You WILL NOT VISIT FOR THE FILET-O-FISH SANDWICH. Get the McNuggets because they seem safer. 

Are you a millennial, a generation that, when surveyed, ranked mcdonald’s as their least favorite restaurant and probably (but not definitely) backed that ranking with an editorial stance on mcdonald’s that mostly trashes it as a gross slaughter house of unclean garbage food?

You are (likely).

Don’t compromise your beliefs. It is NOT WORTH VISITING.

Are you a millennial that, despite what you’ve said in surveys, are still part of a generation that visits mcdonald’s more than any other restaurant in america.

Duh. It’s America, so you’re never further than 107 miles from a McDonalds in the continental 48. It’s basically impossible to not go to McDonald’s.

Perception is reality. YOU’VE ALREADY VISITED, but you do it by yourself and don’t tell anyone.

Did you enjoy these sweet tidbits about millennials that were torn directly from this author’s “I swear one day it will be out and available for purchase” book Cheeto Dust….And other blood on millennial hands?

If so, keep an eye out. I’ll buy you a Filet-O-Fish Sandwich at McDonalds while watching you read and react to every detail, waiting patiently until you’re in between bites and have dabbed the pickled relish mayo from your lips so you can answer questions I have like, “Did you read the footnote too?”

C’mon. A free Filet-O-Fish with a potential author of something you might possibly enjoy maybe? YOU HAVE TO VISIT!

did I say pickled relish mayo? that sounds like an interesting topping that might be worth visiting for.

I did say that, because that’s what I thought it was, but it’s actually a custom tartar sauce. Blend mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons relish, capers, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, parsley, and sugar in a blender until smooth. Stir remaining relish and onion into the blended mixture.

You still want to try that, but you’re not exactly rushing to the nearest McDonald’s, no matter how conveniently they’ve placed it near your home, work, gym, and directly next door to your favorite boozery (or dispensery in certain more understanding states). Now that you’re thinking about it, you could really just tack a Filet-O-Fish onto an order anytime you stop by McDonald’s, because no matter what diet of the month your doing, you’ll stop by there eventually. Even if you tell yourself you’re just getting that $1 large Coca-Cola because it’s better there than anywhere else, you’ll probably be a little hungry too, and it’s not like anyone’s going to know you ordered yourself a frankly overpriced fish sandwich for $3.79. $3.79!? That is pretty steep considering it only comes with a half slice of cheese, a Filet-O-Fish tradition that somehow honors the original recipe invented by Lou Groen in 1962 because his Cincinnati, OH franchise served a large Roman Catholic consumer base that didn’t eat meat on Fridays. You really wish you didn’t know that bit about Cincinnati because you never considered that the town to take seafood tips from. Is fish really not meat? Catholics do have a pretty great history of over-indulgence though, and isn’t overpaying for something, just because you want to and can, a little bit what American individualism is all about? You don’t need to be reminded that $3.79 could feed a kid in a third world country for a week. You already knew that. Besides, after the sales tax, you’ll drop the extra three pennies in that little Ronald McDonald donation bin they put beneath all the drive-thru windows. Unless you pay with a card, in which case, hey, you did your best. McDonald’s gave $34 million to charity in 2011, and even if that is only 0.08 percent of their $5.5 billion net revenue and way less than similar companies like Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s still not nothing. You have to figure they don’t waste the other half of that slice of cheese either. YOU’RE STILL GOING TO VISIT. It’s a free country. 

is the filet-o-fish sandwich from mcdonald’s actually worth a visit?

It was really tasty.


Worth a Visit? The Station, Raleigh, NC

There’s other places in Raleigh where you can drink drinks and eat eats. And there are places with more SEO friendly names. Those places aren’t The Station. But nonsensical preamble aside, I’ve been to The Station, so I consider it my duty to answer your burning questions on whether or not a visit is worth your time.

Do you like drinking drinks and eating eats?

One visit is all it will take to realize that EATING AND DRINKING ARE THE MAIN THINGS GOING DOWN AT THE STATION, so this is an important question to answer, even if it seems a foregone expectation in the bar/restaurant industry. Besides, here at Worth A Visit?,  we pride ourselves on writing a comprehensive review. There are anorexic people out there that probably appreciate a heads up that going to The Station will be walking into a psychological warzone where peer judgment of their body might conflict with peer judgment of their hiding pita points underneath the Bacon Habanero Pimento Cheese Dip while claiming lactose/habanero intolerance. If you’re not a member of the anorexic community that is criminally underserved in most restaurant reviews, VISIT! This place meets the eating/drinking criteria in spades.

Did you read the name of that appetizer in the mostly unhelpful paragraph above?

Of course YOU DID. Everyone knows that bacon is the ultimate cheat code of the culinary world. Even bacon-wrapped paint thinner is probably worth trying. But replace “paint thinner” with “pimento cheese dip” and you’ve got a dish WORTH VISITING FOR!

Are you the kind of individual that enjoys paying $10 for a lunchtime sandwich?

When the sandwiches are this good, YOU’D PAY $12 DOLLARS! And it’s a good thing, because some of the sandwiches are $12 dollars. Let me make a recommendation. The Brown Butter Beer Grilled Cheese is the ballz! CHEEEEZZZEE 4 DAYZ!!! If it were an actor, it would be Shemar Moore in every movie he’s ever been in, warm and inviting and (probably) delicious. But not everyone’s into Shemar (lolz! They totally are), and that’s okay. The burger was awesome too, SO VISIT! Sidenote: a girl nearby said she liked her salad, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Do you like drinking outside?

You don’t have lupus if that’s what I’m asking? And what’s with the medical cautions in this review? You LOVE DRINKING OUTSIDE! And The Station is for a true lover of unsheltered imbibement. There’s a self contained outdoor bar that is simply wonderful, so that old saying, “Sun’s out, let’s get wasted,” is very applicable here. YOU’RE VISITING!

Did you find the intro of American Horror Story to be unappetizing? Particularly the part that shows odd animal body parts suspended in an unknown preservation fluid inside of mason jars?

American Horror Story!!!

Maybe you DON’T VISIT, because this place has a lot of that going on. Sure, pickling apologists will say this is a charming affectation for the otherwise “cozy, rustic, watering-hole” ambience, but how different is an egg and a baby chicken really? They’re gross and you can’t avoid talking about them unless you AVOID VISITING.

The Station!!!

Now that I’m thinking about it, how did the cucumber become the titled king of pickled mountain?

When assessing this debatably trivial piece of criteria, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU VISIT. All the etymological knowledge of pickling that you need is right on Wikipedia. The Internet knows it’s a just a geographical oddity that Americans call the pickled cucumber a “pickle” while calling the pickled onion a “pickled onion”. Maybe the UK does it smarter (they do), whatever. But you should read up on it IF YOU VISIT, because you won’t be able to avoid talking about the mason jars.

Does the message of whether or not to visit feel like it’s getting a little lost and convoluted as this author takes forever to throw a blanket recommendation on this place?

Relax. This is a low-risk proposition. You’re not signing a mortgage in 2006, geez! IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH A VISIT….unless you don’t like drinking drinks and eating eats. ANOREXIC PEOPLE SHOULD NOT VISIT.

Wondering if etymology is a fun hobby,
Dusty “The Big Pickle” Riedesel

Worth A Visit? The Point, Raleigh, NC

Located in the Five Points area of Raleigh off of Glenwood and Fairview street, The Point is weirdly aloof about just which of the Five Points it represents, and, frankly, being THE Point comes off a little haughty. The logo above the door is a star, and that doesn’t effing explain anything. Normally I’m the type that will immediately dismiss a restaurant/bar for not having enough clarity in their branding, but because I am self-tasked with providing you ALL the necessary information for you to decide whether or not this place is WORTH A VISIT, I went there.

Are you the kind of person who thinks “worth a visit” is a pretty low stakes gamble?

So maybe now that we’re on our fourth installment, you’re starting to believe that EVERY PLACE IS WORTH A VISIT. Well you’d be wrong. There’s a bathroom in a Taco John’s in Olathe, KS that may have been worth visiting once upon a time, and I’m certain that I was the first person to enter after some patron forever vanquished worthiness from its visit-ability status. So drop the attitude. NOT EVERY PLACE IS WORTH A VISIT. Let’s just move on.

Have you enjoyed going to restaurants in the past?

You bet your ass you have. In fact if you’re being honest with yourself, visiting restaurants is right up there with watching movies and talking to friends as a premier activity in your life. Well The Point checks all of your restaurant boxes. Food? Yep. Beverages? Yep. Service? Yep. Comfortable AC settings? Yep. What more do you want?….VISIT. The fact that it is a restaurant and you like those should be enough. But let’s dive deeper.

Are you the kind of person that likes a diversified menu?

Sometimes you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for. Sometimes you want pizza and your darling girlfriend wants a damn Sesame Crusted Tuna Caesar Salad. No need to turn this gaping difference in specificity into an argument about emotional neediness, just take her to The Point….VISIT. They’ve got a strong gourmet presentation on various classics like burgers and tacos, but they also throw in some fancy salads and hoity-toity apps. There’s definitely something on that menu for you.

Do you like places that turn into raging boozehalls after 10pm?

This place DOES THAT! And if you’re the type of person that reads this blog and likes that atmosphere, then I’ll bet YOU’VE ALREADY VISITED. And you know the main pitfall of the post 10pm crowd.

Are you offended by raging frat-stars?

This is one of the heavyweight frat bars in all of Raleigh. The Thursday night crowd is famously frat-tastic with swoops for days. Natural Light is actually a featured beer at The Point. If you don’t know what that means, then this probably isn’t the place for you….NOT WORTH IT. Stick to the lunch and dinner times.

Are you into cultural diversity?

This is really just a more heavy-handed variation on the question above. Let me put it this way: I think I may have seen one black guy there one time for about 10 seconds….NOT WORTH IT if you’re not a WASP, but you should definitely VISIT if you’re a non-WASP trying to make a statement.

Is a black guy eating a burger at a restaurant that one blogger call “fratty” really a ridiculous idea of a stand, and how could that possibly be a helpful piece of information in deciding whether or not a place is worth visiting?

Hey, why is this getting so heavy? Maybe you should just VISIT so you can be part of the convo.

Do you like $2 Bud Light drafts after work on Friday.

That’s better. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing and keep the mood light. You love affordable domestic beer, so YOU’RE VISITING. And that’s The Point.

Maybe starting to get it,
Dustin “What’s the point?” Riedesel

Worth a Visit? The Train Station, Cary, NC

Some people call it Harrison’s. Some people call it “that place underneath Pure Gold.” But it’s officially known as the Train station. It’s a place I’ve been for both reasons and neither of those reasons. But since I’ve been there, I considered it my duty to answer some of your burning questions on whether or not a visit is worth your time.

Do you like cheap domestic beer and shot specials? C’mon, that’s like asking if you like boobs. Everyone loves boobs, even gay guys who should logically have nothing but postnatal appreciation for their functionality. Just ask for a donor breakdown from Susan G. Komen, they’ll prove me right. But I digress. Cheap domestic beer and shot specials means YOU’RE VISITING.

Do you like strip clubs? No need to be ashamed. YOU’VE ALREADY VISITED! Probably more than once if you’re being honest. Despite their geographic camaraderie, Pure Gold and The Train Station do not see eye-to-eye on the price of Bud Light. Going to The Train Station before your gentleman jaunt is all about cash allocation.

Do you like bar games? You don’t have to like all the bar games, but you at least like either darts, billiards or skiball. So guess what, it’s WORTH A VISIT, because it’s one of the few places that doesn’t charge for pool balls.

Are you afraid of bar fights? Not everyone was born to loiter by the live-band cages of the Double Deuce. I’ve seen two separate fights break out at The Train Station. You shouldn’t feel bad that you weren’t born with the DGAF swagger of Wade Garrett. Stay home. Stay safe. YOU’RE NOT VISITING.

Do you like black light parties? You don’t know. Well look at the picture below and then see if YOU DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE VISITING.

Do you feel like the crowd of a three-star bar can’t properly appreciate your hipster style and unique drink orders? Well, keep your disco socks and suede booties downtown, cause YOU SHOULDN’T VISIT this place, even if your upturned nose prevents you from realizing a three-star bar is just the kind of place that admires a man in $75 dollar jeans ordering a PBR. Screw it. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY VISIT!

In summation, it’s a bar underneath a strip club, and it’s in Cary. Slough off the fear of sin and glitter seeping through the cracks of the ceiling. You’ve got a lot of slow Tuesday nights coming up. It’s WORTH A VISIT.

My nickname isn’t cause I’m like Wade Garret,
Dusty “Double Deuce” Riedesel