The Queue

This is where we put random ideas that we plan to write on later; expect to see these ideas in upcoming posts.  If you have topics or ideas, click us an email at We also openly reject any and all criticism sent to that address.  Mucho thank you from the Writing Bareback team (it’s just two guys).

  • Vanna White: What’s the deal with her?
  • Your favorite Ninja Turtle says a lot about your character
  • The 5 Household Chores I hate, but I have to do
  • Bumper Stickers and Personalized Plates are sooo 1993
  • Why I’m not rooting for Tim Tebow
  • The 5 t-shirts that I will buy/make/own
  • Erin Andrews vs Hannah Storm
  • The Dusty Television: X-MEN (1992)
  • Get in shape or date older…
  • Kobe Bryant: A 16-year love story
  • The Spoon in this site’s header: What’s the deal with it?
  • Classic Gym Attire: Realy Gay/Badass
  • Indie band names
  • Phrases that need to be updated (like “Money in the bank”)
  • Original Wrestling Identities
  • WWE meets the Expendables movie idea
  • Home Bartending – The McHattan
  • When will the mustache be cool again. I’m serious
  • Richard Longfellow is a great pen name
  • Why every non-baseball fan should be a Royals fan
  • Serial game show contestants
  • Far Side Comics: Good For Something
  • Great Google image search: “Not Gay” (that was going nowhere)
  • Movie Idea: DITCH: An un-Romantic Comedy
  • Book Idea: Satan: The True Underdog Story
  • Worst crutch words: “I think that, f***ing, I should…”
  • Dream Jobs: Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer
  • The Male Playbook; second edition

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