Why Is Dusty So Absent From His Own Blog?

As most of you know, both Tommy of the Golden Ears and I do some side writing for the millenial-centric news aggregator called PolicyMic. I’ve recently made an arrangement where I’ll be writing for them on a daily basis for the next two weeks. It’s important to me, so I’m going to be giving it at least a 63% effort, which is roughly 17% more effort than any of my writing here gets. If you’d like to see the nuanced improvements to my already rapist wit such an increased effor will provide, stay tuned to what comes up on my PolicyMic profile. On a personal note, I’d really appreciate your support in the form of social media affirmation (shares, likes, tweets, maybe a short vid on Vine of your best LOLs). Thanks a bundle for reading.

Writing this at 44% effort,
Dusty “The Digital Drifter” Riedesel

One response to “Why Is Dusty So Absent From His Own Blog?

  1. I feel like this was supposed to say “rapier” wit… sry to be Mr Grammar/Spelling/Language Police, but “rapist wit” just can’t be let slide, though I’m sure you got autocorrected or something

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